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Australia’s first LED Cured Hardwax Oil

May 21st, 2018

LED Cured Hardwax Oil

A revolutionary, high traffic, hardwax oil that cures instantly under LED light – providing immense flexibility.

We use and recommend Vesting’s LED Cured Hardwax oil on our Australian Oak engineered flooring and our sample kits. LED Cured hardwax oil is a pioneering coating that contains a unique mix of oils, waxes, resins and additives. These ingredients allow the oil to cure and harden when exposed to the specific bandwidth of light spectrum in the LED light. The product looks great, is very durable and has arguably the most beneficial maintenance options of any flooring coating.

10 standard colours and unlimited colour matching possibilities

Vesting offers 10 standard colours and the ability to mix and match stains to create hundreds of colour combinations. Custom colours are created upon appointment with an ASH representative at our manufacturing partner in Mitcham, Victoria.

Unbeatable Maintenance

Whether in high traffic areas or in-home use, LED cured Hardwax oils are unbeatable when it comes to maintenance. A business can sand their floor, polish and coat it twice after business hours and be open the next day. There’s no need to wait for the coating to cure naturally. This means businesses can continue trading with no loss of revenue. The same methodology translates to a residence too. Furniture can be moved from one room to another, cured and returned back to the room within the same hour. Owners are not required to find temporary accommodation whilst the coating dries.

Environmentally Friendly

User- friendly

Vesting LED Cured Hardwax oil does not start drying once applied, it is only when the coating is exposed to a LED light that it will dry instantly. This means you can apply a perfectly smooth and saturated finish.
The team at Vesting have worked with TRIVEX and SMELT to develop a series of professional LED light equipment. Perfect for furniture makers, joinery and flooring installers. These can be supplied to installers of joinery products if you wish to match Australian Oak with GOODWOOD to create a continuous flow of design. Traditional, non LED cured oils can be supplied to match on request.


  • Dirt and moisture repellent
  • LRV – varies from 5-10 points, depending on the sanding grit and amount of oil per sqm
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Provides deep colouring
  • Cures when desired
  • Finished products can be packaged immediately – no down time
  • Once coated and dried, the wood surface is instantly protected against dirt and moisture
  • Can be stained on raw or stained wood
  • Safe to use in contact with food

LED Hardwax oil x Australian Oak engineered flooring

Oil based coatings emphasise both texture and grain which suits the Australian Oak back sawn figure perfectly and brings out its natural beauty. As it is a penetrating finish which does not sit on top like polyurethanes, it creates a softer and more natural feel underfoot. With every purchase of Australian Oak, customers will receive a Vestings Maintenace kit which has all the essential cleaning items to spot repair and clean the floor.

A major benefit to this LED Hardwax coating is that you don’t need to re-sand your floor. You can simply spot repair scratches and it cures quickly without disrupting your living conditions.

As with many flooring coatings, acidic liquids can have an effect if left over time. It is recommended that when an acidic liquid (e.g. vingear, lemon juice, 2 minute noodles) is spilt on any floor, it is wiped up immediately.

Why we don’t use other other finishes

Other finishes can a number of disadvantages, these include:

  • Finish can sit on top of the timber like a film
  • Can go yellow over time
  • During the application process it can create lap marks
  • During expansion & contraction, edge bonding can occur where the coating acts like an adhesive between board joints, creating irregular gaps effecting the natural movement of the timber
  • When it is sanded back and re-finished, other finishes can look tired or scratch
  • Solvent based finishes have an odour
  • Can take a long time to dry

LED-cured coating video

Follow this link to watch the video.