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Western Australia’s hardwood manufactured for Australia’s homes

  • / Rich red in colour
  • / Even textured grain
  • / Externally durable
  • / Dense hardwood

Jarrah is a unique Western Australian timber that is extremely versatile. As a perfect reflection of the vibrant hues of the iconic Australian landscape, Jarrah is known for its deep red colour and is used in a range of structural and design applications.

This durable and strong Australian hardwood is weather, rot, termite and fire-resistant, making it an ideal choice for many outdoor projects.

ASH utilised the unique colour and density of Jarrah to produce benchtops and panels for interior and exterior use. Jarrah’s natural hues make it the perfect kitchen benchtop, table or shelf. 

Jarrah timber is typically used in construction such as fencing, flooring, joinery, decking and linings. The timber’s texture features an even, moderately coarse wood grain and is a popular choice when it comes to architectural design.

Benefits of Jarrah Timber

Red Hues
Insect protection
Weather Resistant
Stains well
High density
Sustainable resource
Very strong
Low embodied energy
Reddish-brown colour

Applications available for Jarrah


Jarrah Characteristics

Species Eucalyptus marginata
Colour Rich red to deep brown
Grain Moderately coarse and even textured grain
Moisture Content Medium density 820 KG/m3
Impact Resistance High – 18 joules
Janka 8.5 kN (seasoned)
Unit Shrinkage (KD) Measurable movement in service – Very High
Radiall: 4.80% of board dimension per 1% moisture content change.
Tangential: 7.40% of board dimension per 1% moisture content change
Stability High (quarter sawn)
Cutting Good
Glueing Good
Lyctus Susceptible Susceptible
Nail holding Very Good
Durability Above ground – Class 2
Below ground – Class 3
Fire Refer Australian Standard AS1530 Part 3 and Building Code of Australia
Ignitability index: 13
Spread of flame index: 3
Smoke development index: 2
Critical Radiant Heat Flux: More than 2.2kW/m2 and less than 4.5kW/m2
Smoke development Rate: Less than 750% -min
Average extinction area: less than 250m2/kg
Material Group No: 3 (unless coated to meet Group 1 & 2)
Bushfire Attack level: BAL 19 High (BAL-29 in decking)

Calculate Carbon Sequestration

Calculate the carbon sequestration of your project and the time it takes to regrow the timber.

0.0 kg
Total carbon captured
0.0 min
Growth rate
The figures for CO2 captured and growth rate used in this calculator were sourced from Wood Solutions, VicForests and AHEC.

Frequently asked

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What are the characteristics of Jarrah?
  • Light red to brown
  • Consistent grain
  • Weather resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Dense
What is Jarrah used for?

Jarrah can be used in a number of interior and exterior applications.

ASH uses Jarrah in a range of bench tops and panels for Kaboodle.

Is Jarrah sustainable?

Yes, the Jarrah used as ASH is PEFC certified and is managed under the Forest Products Commission in Western Australia.

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