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Radiata Pine

/ MASSLAM Project

Lighter. Longer. Australian.

  • / A light option for mass-timber construction
  • / Fast-growing PEFC certified plantation softwood
  • / Consistently blonde, white and pale yellow in colour
  • / Easy to work and stain

Radiata Pine is an affordable and light weight option for mass-timber construction. Sourced from certified softwood plantations, Radiata Pine is a fast-growing timber that has a fine texture, blonde to white/pale yellow appearance and is readily available.

This Australian option is easy to work, stain and screw without pre-drilling. Radiata Pine is used in MASSLAM 33, our range of mass-timber GLT solutions like columns, beams and flooring structures. Using state-of-art machinery in the MASSLAM processing plant, Radiata Pine is manufactured straight and stable, to ensure the best possible softwood option.

MASSLAM is also available in GoodWood Victorian ash and Grey Gum.

Benefits of Radiata Pine Timber

Stored carbon
Low embodied energy
Sustainable resource
Very strong
Stains well
PEFC Certified
Vast availability
Straightened edge

Radiata Pine Characteristics

Colour White to pale yellow
Grain Straight and fine textured with knots
Design Density 550 KG/m3
Strength Grade GL 13 (as per AS1720.1) or GL33 (as per EN14080:2013)
Strength Group SD6
Joint Group JD4
Cutting & staining Very Good
Nail holding Good
Certification PEFC
BAL rating BAL low
Service Class 1

Calculate Carbon Sequestration

Calculate the sequestered CO2 equivalent of your project and the time it takes to regrow the timber.

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Growth rate
The figures for CO2 captured and growth rate used in this calculator were sourced from Wood Solutions, VicForests and AHEC.