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Advanced Timber Composite (ATC) – The Innovative Mass Timber Flooring Solution

July 5th, 2023

ASH have been working on something for those who have a vision for a project that extends beyond aesthetics. One that includes innovative design solutions, meets strict regulations, enhances sustainability, and ensures efficient construction.

We’re excited to introduce you to ATC (Advanced Timber Composite) floors, the hybrid, mass timber flooring system developed by ASH.

ATC is the most attractive and innovative mass timber flooring solution on the market, tested to comply with Australia’s strict fire and acoustic requirements while providing a Deemed-to-Satisfy pathway for fire. This means that you can achieve a visually expressed soffit while spanning further with less resource and at a more competitive rate that competing Mass Timber – all without compromising on safety or beauty.

ATC isn’t just about looks. With unparalleled flexibility in bearing position, you can run services ‘parallel’, ‘above’ or ‘below’ the Primary Beams. Or you can conceal them altogether for a sleek and seamless soffit. The furniture quality timber with visual grade finish comes in the same species options we offer our MASSLAM. Meaning you can deliver a consistent flow from structure to joinery – adding an unsurpassed element to any project. With spans as long as conventional steel or concrete structures, you can utilise mass timber and eliminate transfer slabs while enjoying enhanced acoustic and vibration performance.

Whether you choose panelised supply for speed of construction or componentised delivery for improved freight, ATC delivers unbeatable acoustic damping and enhanced durability during construction with built-in temporary drainage solutions. Plus, ATC uses strength to its advantage, requiring >3x less trees than CLT for the same solution, making it an even more responsible choice for your mass timber project.


We’re proud to say that ASH has invested a lot of time and money in this product. To date, spending over $750k in testing ATC for varying shear connection types, composite action, long-term serviceability, Fire Resistance Level (FRL), char, acoustic performance, and computer modelling of various iterations to land on the best solution and provide flexibility in design.

ASH’s first ATC floor system is a TCC (Timber Concrete Composites) using our MASSLAM beams, which are efficient in the construction of modern multi-storey mass timber buildings, with higher strength and stiffness-to-weight ratios, larger span-to-total depth ratios, higher in-plane rigidity, and superior acoustic, thermal, and fire performances compared to popular timber-only systems. With ATC, you can redefine your vision for your project and achieve the innovative design solutions you desire.

At ASH we are constantly looking to develop our capabilities and innovate such that we can supply the market with high quality solutions that help drive the industry forward. As ASH’s ATC range develops, not all of the solutions will be TCC.

To experience the beauty, safety, and sustainability of ATC for yourself, contact your MASSLAM specialist today.

Let ATC help you take your projects to new heights.

Learn more about ATC & MASSLAM here