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Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH)

The largest vertically integrated hardwood manufacturer in Australia

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Australia’s leading timber manufacturer

More than a hardwood mill, Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) is an advanced manufacturer and established leader amongst Australian timber suppliers. Known for developing innovative hardwood products for specifiers.

Our reputation as a highly respected and trusted Australian manufacturer leads the industry. We are ethical, sustainable and verified.

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What makes ASH truly unique is our vast and innovative manufacturing ability. Operating one of the largest hardwood mills in Australia, most of the timber we produce is used as feedstock in our own manufacturing lines.

Our timbers are not just stable, straight, long and hard-wearing; they are processed in a range of profiles to aid a continuous flow of design. 


Sustainable timber is the ultimate renewable. As trees grow, carbon is captured from the atmosphere and stored in the timber.

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A well-managed timber source is arguably the most environmentally friendly building product available.

Architects, designers, builders, manufacturers, timber suppliers and DIY’ers will all benefit from the stunning selection of sustainable hardwood timbers like, Tasmanian Oak, Glacial Oak, Plantation Oak and Australian Oak to create a modern design.

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