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Our priority

Health & Safety

Safety, employee health and wellness is vital to the happiness of the ASH workforce. Our goal is for all employees and contractors to be safe and health conscious at work and to encourage these behaviours to spread into the community.

ASH is certified to ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. These certifications ensure a working environment that is safe for all and improves the health, safety and welfare of ASH employees, contractors and stakeholders.

ASH takes pride in the health, safety and wellness of its employees, and does so by:

  • Wellness programs include on-site accredited exercise physiologist, injury management, pre-start exercise programs, health checks, drug & alcohol testing, health and nutrition consulting, exercise rehabilitation and mental health support.
  • All Executive staff, and Line Managers, and any person undertaking an internal audit of safety or environmental management systems are trained in the requirements and application of ASH’s safety and environmental management system.
  • Implementing an intensive Health, Safety and Wellness Policy.
  • Procedures exist for identification of hazards, risk assessment, control of risks, and evaluation.  Similar procedures exist for the identification of environmental aspects, the significance of their impacts, controls, and evaluation.
  • Management plans are developed from hazard/environmental impact assessment and review.  Management plans give consideration to resources and technologies available, allocation of responsibilities, and timeframes for achievement of milestones.