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Straight, beautiful and affordable laminated panels made from Australia’s favourite GoodWood Victorian ash and Glacial Oak (American Oak).

Primarily used for kitchens, CAFE tables, work benches & shelves

Utilising some of the most attractive and highest performing furniture timbers; we glue, sand and dock these panels onto usable sizes to streamline cost efficiencies for the manufacturer.

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How do I store the bench tops at home?

After receiving your bench tops, it is important that they are stored flat, protected from the weather, wind and direct heat; and not exposed to extreme changes in humidity. It is recommended that the panels be stored fully wrapped in plastic until such time as the bench top is required.

Do the timber panels need to be sealed?

Sealing the bench tops is essential to prevent excessive movement. When exposing the end grain by cutting, drilling or profiling, it is good practice to temporarily tape the exposed end grain until a finishing sealant is applied. ASH benchtops must be envelope sealed ie. top, bottom, edges and ends. Pay particular attention to the inside of cutouts especially the end grain. If you cut on site – reseal the cut area with at least four coats of sealer.

Can these timber bench tops be used outdoors?

ASH benchtops are not suitable for exterior use. If an ASH benchtop has to be used in external situations the maintenance of the seal coats become even more critical. If the surface looks worn or bare then recoating should be done immediately.

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