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Project / Completed May 2023

Glacial Oak a furniture delight in new Blue Mountains wine bar

May 2023
Frankie & Mo's

The Space

Inconspicuously situated in the Blue Mountain's suburb of Blackheath sits the very first wine bar of the region - Frankie & Mo's. And the presence of Glacial Oak timber is impossible to miss.
Furniture made with Glacial Oak featured in Frankie & Mo's wine bar in the Blue Mountains.
Furniture made with Glacial Oak featured in Frankie & Mo's wine bar in the Blue Mountains.

Father and son duo, Bob and Tom Coleman, renovated this former art gallery and heritage building over the course of 12 months to create a warm and inviting space where folk can sample low-intervention wines at affordable prices while snacking on share plates of locally-sourced, organic food.

Those who come to explore the bar’s natural wines, cellar door and organic menu will be greeted by stunning furniture crafted from Glacial Oak – ASH’s brand of American Oak.

The pair’s desire to enhance the warmth and ambiance for guests saw them look to timber to provide a timeless and character-filled restaurant. Table rounds, window benchtops, waiters station, kitchen bar and quaint bookshelves where fireplaces once roared all feature throughout the four-room, 25-seat venue.

Frankie & Mo’s

“We looked at various materials, especially for the table tops and the bar top but decided on timber. Each piece gets much heavier use compared to a residential setting, so it was important that we chose a product that could carry the load and maintain it’s elegant look”

Frankie & Mo’s

“Steven’s ability to design pieces that combined functionality with a keen eye to aesthetics and an obvious appreciation of wood appealed to us.”

Each furniture item was expertly crafted by Steven Crouch, talented Wollongong furniture maker and owner of Rustic Soul & Co who came highly recommended and suggested the use of Glacial Oak.

Each room within the bar differs, from it’s personality, quality of light, functionality, size and colour. It was important Bob and Tom created an sense of cohesion and commonality between the rooms to help pull the entire venue together. Two elements achieved this, the dark flooring, but most importantly, the use of Glacial Oak which was a key feature throughout all four rooms.

Furthermore, every wine that is sourced and served at Frankie & Mo’s is carefully selected to ensure the grapes are sustainably grown and contain no additives. Naturally, Bob and Tom wanted to carry the principles of living well and respectfully throughout the venue. It was critical everything from the food, linen, pottery and furniture aligned with this desire.

Perhaps the most stunning timber piece you’ll find at Frankie & Mo’s is the kitchen bar/servery. Guests are able to watch their food being prepared and plated right before them or take up a seat to sample Bob’s very own range of natural wines when the venue doubles as a cellar door during the day.

The servery, built from stunning Glacial Oak and topped with zinc, takes pride of place as the centerpiece to the kitchen.

The pair were aiming for a contemporary take on a European bar in the venue’s design and Glacial Oak complimented this desire perfectly, providing a warmth and softening of the surrounding stainless steel and hard metal finishes required in a commercial kitchen. The timber also provided much needed acoustic relief, absorbing much of the hard noise otherwise created in such a multi-functional space.


Glacial Oak is ASH’s brand of American Oak from a very specific, slow-growing region in Northern America. Hand picked by colour and grade then milled in Heyfield to the quality and performance of timber expected from ASH. Glacial Oak is a stunning yet sustainable hardwood of vast availability.

Learn more about Glacial Oak.


Frankie & Mo’s

“Glacial Oak made perfect sense to us. A natural product that was grown sustainably seemed a good fit aesthetically and philosophically.


We’re thrilled with the result – it’s a great product!”

Furniture made with Glacial Oak featured in Frankie & Mo's wine bar in the Blue Mountains.
Furniture made with Glacial Oak featured in Frankie & Mo's wine bar in the Blue Mountains.
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