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Plantation Oak

/ Plantation Oak
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A plantation hardwood like no other

  • / Australian owned, grown and manufactured
  • / Plantation grown
  • / Light-coloured hardwood
  • / Easy to work, cut & build with
  • / High strength-to-weight ratio
  • / Stains well
  • / Enables a transition to plantation
  • / Saved from woodchip
  • / Carbon positive
  • / Good for climate, environment and design
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Plantation Oak is ASH’s unique brand of highly attractive plantation grown hardwood. Showcasing the best in Australian hardwood innovation, Plantation Oak is the responsible upgrade of plantation grown Shining Gum (Eucalyptus Nitens), otherwise largely destined for export and wood chip applications.

The secret is in ASH’s processing, skill and manufacturing prowess. Successful and responsible stewardship of a resource requires a balance between production, engineering and distribution. Ensuring the very best is obtained from every log and the whole tree is utilised to provide the greatest longevity in it’s end application.

Plantation Oak is engineered to create an architectural timber with higher strength and improved appearance when compared to its unrefined counterparts. Like all species processed through our world class facility in Heyfield, Victoria, Plantation Oak is straight line edged after drying, providing superior straightness. The result is a unique plantation hardwood with beautiful features and a consistent blonde to light brown colour – perfect for manufacturers and specifiers alike.

Offering a close alternative to Tasmanian Oak and Victorian ash, Plantation Oak is currently manufactured for mass timber solutions, glue laminated structural elements and selected joinery applications.

Plantation Oak excels in decarbonising the built environment, surpassing carbon neutrality even after factoring in embodied carbon.

Benefits of Plantation Oak Timber

Plantation Grown
Low embodied energy
Sustainable resource
Stored carbon
Light Coloured Finish
Machines well
Stains well
Good Strength
Very Straight

Applications available for Plantation Oak


Plantation Oak Characteristics

Colour Pale blonde to light brown
Grain Moderately coarse with a straight grain
Moisture Content 10%
Density 580kg/m3 at 12% moisture content
Impact Resistance 16 Joules
Janka 5.8 kN (seasoned)
Unit Shrinkage (KD) Measurable movement in service – Medium
Radial: 0.22% of board dimension per 1% moisture content change.
Tangential: 0.33% of board dimension per 1% moisture content change


Stability High (quarter sawn)
Cutting Good
Bending Satisfactory
Glueing Excellent
Lyctus Susceptible Sapwood is susceptible
Nail holding Good
Durability Above ground – Class 3
Below ground – Class 4
Fire Refer Australian Standard AS1530 Part 3 and Building Code of Australia
Spread of flame index: 8
Smoke development index: 4
Critical Radiant Heat Flux: More than 2.2kW/m2 and less than 4.5kW/m2
Smoke development Rate: Less than 750% -min
Average extinction area: Less than 250m2/kg
Material Group No: 3 (unless coated to meet Group 1 & 2)
Bushfire Attack level: BAL 12.5 and 19 – Door and window joinery only

Calculate Carbon Sequestration

Calculate the sequestered CO2 equivalent of your project and the time it takes to regrow the timber.

0.0 kg
Equivalent CO2 captured
0.0 min
Growth rate
The figures for CO2 captured and growth rate used in this calculator were sourced from Wood Solutions, VicForests and AHEC.

Frequently asked

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What is Plantation Oak?

Plantation Oak is ASH’s brand for plantation grown Shining Gum timber when processed to the quality and standards unique to us. As timber resources demands change, Plantation Oak ensures that there is an option for those seeking a quality plantation hardwood.

What species make up our Plantation Oak?

Our Plantation Oak range is made up of Eucalyptus Nitens, more commonly known as Shining Gum. The seeds for these plantations originate from the seeds collected in forests near ASH.

What colour is Shining Gum?

Our Plantation Oak range is made from Shining Gum, the colour typically ranges from pale blonde to very light brown, with a variety of very pale pink and pale yellow tones throughout.

Is Plantation Oak sustainable?

Plantation Oak is a plantation grown Shining Gum and is a sustainably-sourced hardwood. Largely used for export or  wood chip, our manufacturing innovation upgrades its function to high quality, aesthetically pleasing applications. Plantation Oak is PEFC certified by Responsible Wood – a third party not-for-profit that sets globally recognised standards for managing forests sustainably.

Plantation Oak excels in decarbonising the built environment, surpassing carbon neutrality even after factoring in embodied carbon.

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