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H3 treated American Oak – an exterior solution designed for the Australian climate

  • / H3 Durable
  • / Blonde, crown cut & select grade
  • / 25 year Guarantee
  • / Continuous flow of design


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There’s nothing like the warmth and beauty of timber. It’s natural, sustainable and durable which is why we’ve created IronOak, America’s favourite hardwood designed for external use.

IronOak is the perfect choice for those after a blonde, select grade and crown-cut exterior hardwood. The unmatched style and quality of our IronOak means that it is capable of uplifting any façade, all while withstanding the diverse local climate.

Treated to H3 classification (per AS1604 Specification for Preservative Treatment), IronOak is handpicked by region and colour, graded and processed to exceed Australian standards and supplied in small, manageable packs.

Designed to match our internal Glacial Oak (American Oak) range, IronOak is vastly available in a variety of cladding and batten profiles.


Benefits of IronOak Timber

Crown Cut (Back Sawn)
Select grade
H3 Durable
Vast availability
PEFC Controlled
Weather Resistant
Stains well
Small packs

Applications available for IronOak


IronOak Characteristics

Colour Blonde to light brown
Grain Straight open and even grained and coarse textured
Density Medium density 730 KG/m3
Janka 6.0 kN
Stability High (back sawn)
Cutting Very Good
Bending Medium bending strength
Glueing Very Good
Lyctus Susceptible No
Nail holding Very Good
Durability Very durable – H3 treated as per AS1604


Calculate Carbon Sequestration

Calculate the sequestered CO2 equivalent of your project and the time it takes to regrow the timber.

0.0 kg
Equivalent CO2 captured
0.0 min
Growth rate
The figures for CO2 captured and growth rate used in this calculator were sourced from Wood Solutions, VicForests and AHEC.


Oak forests are increasing by 39.9 million m3 ever year.

American Oak by ASH uses PEFC Controlled source material to ensure the best practices are met in terms of sustainability.

American Oak is selectively harvested and takes 0.57 seconds to grow 1m3.

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Frequently asked

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Can IronOak be used externally?

Yes, IronOak is our Glacial Oak (American Oak) that’s been treated to H3 classification. IronOak can be used in above-ground applications like cladding, screening and pergolas.

Can IronOak be used internally?

IronOak external profiles are designed to match our Glacial Oak (American Oak) range allowing you to create a continuous flow of design from inside to out.

Does IronOak have warranty?

Yes, IronOak is treated using Tru-Core and has a warranty of up to 25 years for decay and insect attack.

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