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Structural Timber

/ F17 bearers and joists

Built to last. For the builder who puts quality first.

Primarily used for Structural applications 

In today’s competitive world, there will always be ways to cut corners and save on cost but the phrase ‘they don’t build them like they used to’ was created for good reason.

The imported structural products on the market are designed to be fit for purpose but they are generally created from softwoods that have a fraction of the nail retention, compression and beauty of SUPASPAN. These are some of the reasons the best builders prefer SUPASPAN.

See how SUPASPAN stacks up…
(Edited Table H3.1 Standards Australia AS 1720.1 -­ 2010).

If you’re wanting more information about our mass-timber ‘seen-structural’ larger sizes, click here.

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How is SUPASPAN different to MASSLAM?

SUPASPAN is our range of structural timber for residential applications. For example, where F17 structural grade is needed. Whereas MASSLAM is our range of columns and beams used for mass-timber construction and is best suited to commercial projects. Read more about MASSLAM here.

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