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We do staircase components better than anyone in Australia using high quality timbers like our brand of American Oak – Glacial Oak.

Manufacturing well made components for staircases in consistent quality and large volumes. Produced in the full suite of staircase components, we do the manufacturing of components traditionally undertaken by manufacturers. Utilising this feedstock, stair manufacturers can focus on building and installing stairs – cost efficiently.

As a result, manufacturers and builders can limit their stock holding and supply greater numbers of projects off the back of our quality – without worrying about inconsistency of supply.

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Glacial Oak (American Oak)

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What timber do you make your staircase components out of?

ASH’s highest quality staircase components (including treads, risers and stringers) are made from our brand of American Oak – Glacial Oak.

Glacial Oak is a stunning yet sustainable hardwood of vast availability, consistently blonde in appearance and in many ways, exceeds Victorian ash in terms of durability, stability and consistency.

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