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GoodWood Stairs at Rochester Lane

Slattery & Acquroff Stairs

Stairs help shape the architectural form of a home. Proven by the team at S&A Stairs who have continued to surprise and delight home owners for nearly 100 years.

S&A Stairs explain ‚our projects strive for progression and innovation, in a process that finds a balance between design, craft, and technology.‚

This inspiring team were the creators of the impressive Rochester Lane – a staircase unlike any other. The blonde colour of the GoodWood Victorian ash compliments the white and grey palette, it’s open rise is made more prominent with thick treads and a closed second flight.

GoodWood Victorian ash is perfect for stairs as it is a strong, beautiful and reliable hardwood. To get this look, visit the GoodWood Victorian ash or S&A Stairs webpage today.

Treads – 66MM GOODWOOD Victorian Ash, 32MM MDF

Balustrade – 90MM x 45MM GOODWOOD Victorian Ash

Landing – 66MM GOODWOOD Victorian Ash

Builder – Regent Homes

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