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Solid Flooring

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Timbers Glacial Oak

For those who love a traditional floor.

A strong, hard-wearing solid floor adds a unique warmth to any space. The natural material is both a stylish and responsible choice when designing a home.

The ASH flooring range includes strip profile options in Glacial Oak (American Oak).

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Glacial Oak (American Oak)

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Glacial Oak Solid Flooring
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Frequently asked

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How do I install solid timber flooring?

ASH are members of the Australian Timber Flooring Association and highly recommend you follow their expert advice when installing solid timber flooring. Visit their website here. For a brief overview of strip flooring installation, take a look at this guide.

What is solid timber flooring?

Solid timber flooring is a solid piece of timber that has been moulded into either an overlay profile or a strip profile.

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