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Henry St House Complete With GoodWood Flooring

/ By Eugene Cheah Architecture (ECA)
Joanne Saw
Eugene Cheah Architecture (ECA)

The Space

The Henry St House takes light, texture and depth to a thrilling new level. This Victorian cottage renovation is modest in scale but generous in smart design.


“the experience of the house is of the tracks of sunlight and shadow moving across the space”

Eugene Cheah Architecture’s (ECA) skills were put to use for the extension, which required a disciplined and rigorous approach. ECA is an architecture practice led by Joanne Saw and Eugene Cheah. Established in Melbourne, ECA has quickly become highly-regarded for their evocative and memorable architecture and commitment to design. Their work has been recognised with a range of prestigious awards and publications, including the Australian Interior Design Awards, Timber Design Awards and National Sustainability Awards.

The Henry St brief posed a challenge as it stated that the space is to have generous light, even though it was set on a narrow terrace site. A challenge that may be difficult for some, but not for ECA, who included a full-length skylight to the north edge which brings in abundant light. Eugene explains “the experience of the house is of the tracks of sunlight and shadow moving across the space”. The tight budget set for this project was embraced positively by the architects, which encouraged a more thrifty and sustainable approach to energy and material resources.


“GoodWood Vic ash was chosen for the flooring, to create a seamless and tactile experience – the structure, cladding, joinery and floor are all timber, with the same whittle wax finish, creating a unifying texture”

With passive design in mind, ECA made the internal spaces more compact to minimise resources and reduce future energy needs for heating and cooling. By using timber throughout the home, the space links sustainable, experiential and visual aspects.

GoodWood represents quality Victorian ash timber that is straight line edged, has minimal pink colouring, is internally scanned for defects and much, much more – which makes it all the more better for a hard-wearing flooring.To view the GoodWood flooring sizes click here or to take a look at our new Australian Oak engineered flooring here.

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