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Curvy House With Straight Victorian ash

/ By Ben Callery Arhitects
Tatjana Plitt
Ben Callery Arhitects

Curvy’ is not a common adjective to describe any house, but in this case curvy is just right! Smooth, delicate curves are enhanced with a palette of white, black and blonde timber in this suburban home.

Award winning firm Ben Callery Architects are responsible for this innovative design, having used their decades of experience combined with their commitment to design. Director Ben Callery has a passion for architecture and sustainability and with over 15 years experience under his belt, he has built a thriving Melbourne practice. Ben Callery Architects utilise the 5 aspects of sustainable design ‘passive design, thermal performance, material selection, energy use and water use’.

What gave this project it’s unique name is the shaped roof – a key feature of the house. “The kitchen at Curvy House is very much informed by the main design element of the house – the curvy roof” as explained by Ben Callery. The roof provides natural comfort by bringing light and ventilation.

Staying on theme, curved fish scale splashback tiles and rounded floating feature timber shelves are incorporated in the main living space.Ben further explains “Echoing the desire for natural comfort we selected natural materials. The overhead cupboards and island bench front cupboards are made from solid hardwood floorboards in Victorian ash to match the flooring. It is unlikely that this floor is made from ASH’s GoodWood due to the back sawn grain and colour variation but ASH’s GoodWood Victorian ash seamlessly matches in, none the less.Similarly, the study desk overhead shelves are solid timber”.

GoodWood Victorian ash is commonly specified in residential and commercial projects because of its consistent qualities. Due to the fact that GoodWood is quarter sawn for stability, cut straight, scanned for internal defects, graded more efficiently etc. means that it can be matched throughout a range of products and profiles in the one house. For more information about the difference between GoodWood Victorian ash and other Vic ash in the market, click here.

Architect – Ben Callery Arhitects

Photographer – Tatjana Plitt

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