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The Sweets at Tartisan Meets The Warmth Of Victorian Ash

/ By McManus Lew Architects
Greta Costello Photography
McManus Lew Architects
Commercial and Corporate Constructions

Combine homemade artisan sweets with the natural palette of Victorian ash and you’ll get the ideal space for customers to relax in. ‘Tartisan’ is the name of the passionate venture of a cake enthusiast Vanessa Whatmough – who’s vision was to showcase homemade cakes, savoury tarts and tartines in a cosy setting.

This visionary project would not be made possible without the creative team from McManus Lew Architects. “Cafes are increasingly becoming important spaces of pause, rejuvenation and connecting. We saw an opportunity to utilise Australian timbers to reflect the underpinning of the cafe, bringing craftsmanship, warmth, the local and natural together. The timber adds a subtle visual interest, complementing and holding focus on the rustic cakes available” as stated by Michael at McManus Lew Architects.

McManus Lew Architects were approached to transform the Victorian-era corner shopfront into a welcoming, approachable cafe. Michael from McManus Lew Architects further explains “Within a small frootprint tenancy, built-in bench seating provides the space efficiency required and maintains a freedom to the space to draw attention to the coveted cake counter”.

Timber is a clear feature throughout, with many materials adding to the warmth and expression. Strong Victorian ash was used for the all important bench top and wall strapping. The Victorian ash was accompanied by existing characterful finishes like the brick wall and pine ceiling. “Materials selected were all readily available and easily workable to fit the short design/build time frame and budget”as stated by Michael.

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Do you have an upcoming cafe fit-out and don’t know where to start? Get in touch with the team and we’d be happy to make answer your timber-related questions!

Architect – McManus Lew Architects

Builder – Commercial and Corporate Constructions

Photography – Greta Costello Photography

Client – Tartisan

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