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/ GoodWood veneer makes in the Liverpool House

Veneers to match solid timber

Primarily used for Joinery

Utilising veneers in partnership with solid timber is integral to completing many joinery projects. Veneers offer solutions that solid timber cannot. Whether you require vast expanses of wood grain and cannot allow ‘natural movement in service’; require stable wood grain panels for residential or commercial joinery; or are simply looking for an increased yield from every log, veneers provide this solution without compromising the naturally desired appearance of timber.

ASH provide GoodWood Victorian ash veneer flitch to Briggs Veneers. These are available throughout Australia and are designed to be used in conjunction with GoodWood Victorian ash.

Glacial Oak is also available on request.

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Where can I purchase GoodWood Victorian ash veneers?

ASH provide GoodWood Victorian ash veneer flitch to Briggs Veneers, which is available nation-wide.

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