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About ASH

What does ASH stand for?

ASH stands for Australian Sustainable Hardwoods. ASH is a privately owned Australian timber mill and manufacturer and has over 3,000 different profile offerings in product ranges like flooring. bench tops and panels, mass-timber members, mouldings and architraves, veneers, windows and doors, staircase components, cladding, DAR/sawn and external profiles.


How do I order a sample from ASH?

Want a sneak peak of our products before purchasing? Great! Simply fill in the sample form and get them to you asap. Samples are reserved for industry professionals, so if you aren’t in that category, contact us and we’ll connect you with one of our friendly resellers.

How do I buy a product from ASH?

Great to hear you’re interested in our high quality, sustainable timber products. To order exactly what you want, contact us by filling in this form or give us a call on 03 5139 7000 and we will point you in the right direction.

Why timber is sustainable

What makes Australian timber the ultimate renewable?

Trees capture and store carbon and are renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. When we choose sustainably and responsibly harvested timber over other materials, we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and their consequent carbon emissions.

Learn more about the ultimate renewable here.

Is GoodWood Victorian ash made from regrowth?

100% of our timber is sourced from regrowth forests, and 100% is regrown. Find out more here.