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PLY Architecture’s continuous flow of design

/ By PLY Architecture
Greg Elms
PLY Architecture
Martin Builders

In the heart of bustling St Kilda is a quiet, leafy backstreet lined with heritage listed dwellings. One in particular is home to a growing family, wanting to make alterations to their traditional home whilst maintaining sympathy to the existing highly uniform streetscape.

The team at PLY Architecture were assigned the job of remodeling the rear to provide an open space living area and two new bedrooms. Founded by Ben Edwards and Chris Jeffery, ‘PLY is an architectural practice founded on the principle of a cohesive lamination of individual layers creating a single materialisation’. PLY Architecture is well versed in Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainable Design and Urban Planning for many different project types including residential extensions, large multi storey residential, commercial, hotel, retail and health projects.

The STK project includes a timber clad extrusion which perches atop the remodeled heritage brick structure below. Choosing a sustainable local supplier was important to PLY, Chris further explains “ASH products were the first choice to impart natural warmth and harmony between internal and external materials”.

Externally, both IronAsh shiplap cladding and screening were chosen for their durability, uniform grain and strength. Chris continues “all external timber is treated in a multi coat system, finished with Intergrain DWD, which imparts a low sheen natural glow to the pale hue of the timber, akin to the reglazed and reused cedar doors below”.

Internally, PLY specified GoodWood Victorian ash staircase components which included treads and risers made from 43mm laminated boards and a rectangular DAR handrail. The modern staircase employs custom fittings to connect the balustrade from the brick wall to the new lightweight upper walls. Additionally, a barrier made from white steel rods created transparency and lightness in between levels. Chris continues “the Victorian ash is coated in Intergrain Ultrafloor Satin, protecting the surfaces and enhancing the grain and colour of the species”.

A clear indicator that a product is 1. easy to use and 2. liked by the market, is when industry professionals use it time and time again. PLY is the perfect example of this, having used GoodWood, AlpineOak and IronAsh in a number of past projects. Take a look at the Upper Sturt and King Street projects for an insight into PLY’s previous work.

To match Victorian ash inside to out, view our entire range here.

Architects – PLY Architecture

Builder – Martin Builders

Photographer – Greg Elms

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