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Pressed Juices Elsternwick

/ By Pressed Juices
Pressed Juices

Pressed Juices in Elsternwick is the second installment we’ve featured from the delicious juice and health food giant. Coupled along side nut mylks, smoothies and juices area number of well positioned structural grade beams to make a warm and uplifting feature. The use of structural grade Victorian ash (SUPASPAN range) visually embodies the spirit of organic health – the exact product Pressed are selling.

We talked with Casey Trebilcock from Pressed Juices about their choice in design.

“Pressed Juices interior retail fit outs have evolved with the trends, specifically concentrating on timber features to transport warmth within our retail spaces‚ says Casey. ‚Our in-house Retail Architect, Emma Farren carried timber (Victorian Ash) features through to wall fittings, fridge casing, floors and exterior facades to soften the space and enhance the colour of our vibrant cold Pressed Juices signature fridge. The interior works on using stimulating yet lenient materials and colours to allow for Pressed Juices product to feature entirely. Both the product and the space praise each other and form a harmonious collaboration of hard wood timbers and a soft palette”.

The beams and shelves make use of finger jointed and laminated structural grades – a process where small section is able to be recovered and turned into a larger, user friendly board of hardwood. Thus maximizing our yield from every piece of timber received. This process eliminates unnecessary waste in off cuts.

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