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Project / Completed 2023

Galkangu a four-storey MASSLAM masterpiece

/ By Lyons
Intergrain Universal Timber Oil

ICON & Fairbrother joint venture
Development Victoria
ARUP Engineers
Excellence in the Use of Timber Products (Australian Certified Timber) - 2023 Timber Design Awards
6-Star Green Energy Rating - Green Building Council of Australia

The Space

Completed in mid-2023, Galkangu Bendigo GovHub is a four-storey beacon showcasing the capabilities of mass timber architecture.
Excellence in the Use of Timber Products (Australian Certified Timber) - 2023 Timber Design Awards
6-Star Green Energy Rating - Green Building Council of Australia
Galkangu Bendigo GovHub
Galkangu - Bendigo GovHub


“The MASSLAM product is impressive. Its scale, precision and unique makeup are always the first talking point of those who visit Galkangu – Bendigo Gov Hub.”

Located in the heart of Bendigo, a regional Victorian hub, Galkangu was designed in collaboration with Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation and Dja Dja Wurrung Traditional Owners, and now proudly houses eight local and state government agencies providing locals with better access to government services.

Mass timber columns and beams supplied by ASH feature throughout the entire building, including the roof. In total, 1000m3 of MASSLAM was incorporated into the design comprising 748 glue-laminated components and more 89,000 individual fasteners, making it the largest mass timber frame in Victoria at the time of construction.

Galkangu Bendigo GovHub
Galkangu Bendigo GovHub

Engaged early in the project concept phase, ASH’s Victorian location in the timber town of Heyfield was advantageous to meet Development Victoria’s brief to engage local manufacturers. Thus allowing for shorter timeframes for supply and transport in addition to providing a stimulus for supporting local jobs and industries.

Additional benefits of incorporating MASSLAM into any project, but particularly large-scale commercial constructions like Galkangu, is the significantly reduced installation timeframes. Standstruct, Galkangu’s mass timber installer, boasts a mere 70 days of total install time for all 748 MASSLAM components – an impressive feat that traditional construction materials like steel and concrete simply cannot compete. With savings in time and simplified installation comes considerable cost savings.



“We are proud to have played our part in delivering this project which created more than 200 jobs during construction, with another 1,000 jobs supported through the supply chain, and ongoing benefits for the local economy, which will continue into the future.

Galkangu - Bendigo GovHub
Galkangu - Bendigo GovHub


“From a DfMA perspective, ASH were excellent to deal with from modelling of GLT elements, input/coordination with consultant team and other timber suppliers/designers. Their review of GLT and steel connections was invaluable. [The finished product is] high quality with very little work or finishing required on site.”

A joint construction venture between ICON and Fairbrother, Project Manager Matt Ginnivan of Fairbrother explains, “the project had significant cultural design input and it was important to use native and local resources wherever possible.” A key reason MASSLAM was chosen for such a significant regional construction development. But is wasn’t the only one, Matt adds that MASSLAM was a preferred material choice given it’s unmatched fire performance, strength to weight ratios and the architectural impact of the native Australian timbers.

Together with holding industry-leading EWPAA certification, the only mass timber glulam in Australia to be awarded such rigorous accreditation, MASSLAM offers unbeatable benefits across multiple KPIs like time, cost, sustainability and durability for architects, builders and clients alike. An 18-month long project, Galkangu didn’t escape the challenges presented by the Covid pandemic and associated lockdowns and industry disputations. However the inclusion of locally sourced materials such as MASSLAM which could continue to be manufactured and stored off-site, and delivered to site for efficient install,  assisted in allowing the project to remain on schedule.

Achieving a 6-star Green Star Rating for design thanks to the inclusion of sustainable timber, energy efficient indoor air quality systems, solar panels and water monitoring systems, makes Galkangu a standout in Victoria’s construction landscape.

Interested to learn more about MASSLAM? Download the brochure.


Galkangu Bendigo GovHub
Galkangu Bendigo GovHub
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