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MASSLAM sets benchmark with EWPAA certification

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October 13th, 2023

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods Pty Ltd (ASH) proudly announces a significant and industry-leading achievement. MASSLAM SL35 and MASSLAM 45 are the only mass timber glulam (large section glue laminated timber) in Australia to hold Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) product certification. Achieving this demanding and rigorous EWPAA certification underscores ASH’s dedication to creating a dependable engineered glulam product that exceeds Australian Standards.

MASSLAM is not ordinary glulam. It bears the combined weight of multi-storey buildings. ASH recognised the significant responsibility of MASSLAM in building projects needs the assurance of the highest standard of product certification available worldwide. The EWPAA product certification is a Type 5 Certification Scheme under the globally recognised standard ISO/IEC 17067:2016 ‘Conformity assessment – Fundamentals of product certification and guidelines for product certification schemes’ and includes a Deemed to Satisfy component.

The EWPAA Deemed to Satisfy requirements for product certification exceed the requirements of Australian Standard AS1328 Glue Laminated Structural Timber. It requires ongoing inspection and testing in factory and the market, auditing of the manufacturing process and management systems, together with continuous monitoring and independent verification testing. The EWPAA specialises in the certification of engineered wood. This specialised knowledge and understanding enables all aspects of manufacturing to be investigated and signed off. The Deemed to Satisfy provision also requires the certification to be approved by a specialist auditor and a panel of wood engineering experts.

First of four MASSLAM plants. Members pass through the world’s largest Hundegger K2i where up to 160 tools are used to process members on 6 axis robotic CNCs. Sections up to 1,250mm x 900mm x 12,000mm are then delivered to pre-attaching plant.

The ASH manufacturing facility in Heyfield, Victoria is world scale incorporating the latest technology. In addition to EWPAA certification, ASH’s MASSLAM also boast extensive fire and acoustic testing. The MASSLAM team includes experienced Design and Structural Engineers, Drafting and a highly qualified production team to guide MASSLAM projects from concept to cost efficient production and delivery. The Team has successfully delivered over 40 projects in Australia over the past 3 years

Integrating our third mass timber CNC in January 2024 and Australia’s first Advanced Timber Composite (ATC) Flooring plant will enable a significant increase in capacity and total building solutions for an even more productive 2024.

ASH invites industry professionals, designers, developers, and builders to witness the exceptional manufacturing quality firsthand. Contact one of ASH’s MASSLAM experts below.

Nearing completion, T3 Collingwood will be Australia’s tallest mass timber office building – standing 15 storeys tall. Made using MASSLAM 45 for Hines, Sumitomo and ICON.
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