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American Oak by ASH – the perfect timber for your next staircase

August 18th, 2020

To make the perfect staircase requires the perfect hardwood… and we’ve got just the one for you.

American Oak by ASH is commonly used in Australian homes dues its its beautiful crown cut grain, popular wheat colour and because it can be easily matched to European oak engineered flooring.

We created American Oak by ASH to save the manufacturers, furniture makers, staircase installers, builders of the world time and money. How? By processing quality American Oak the same way we do Australian hardwoods.

If you don’t know already, ASH is arguably the best in Australia for timber manufacturing. Through our high quality processes and decades of experience, we are able to straight line cut, internally scan, defect dock and pack in set dimensions.

Why is this a benefit for stairs?
Staircases are a showpiece (and rightly so). They require a stable hardwood that offers versatility and flexibility – American Oak by ASH offers just that, benefit from:

  • A stunning crown cut (swirly grain)
  • Fault docked for convenience (clear, defect free and select grade timber)
  • The full range of staircase components including treads, stringers, balustrades, risers and flooring
  • Effortlessly match to your European oak flooring
  • Easily stain any colour to suit your decor

Learn more about American Oak by ASH here. Or speak to a specialist on 03 5139 7001.