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ASH collaborates with market’s new ‘CLT Toolbox’ to incorporate MASSLAM in the structural design software

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April 17th, 2023

CLT Toolbox launched to the Australian construction industry in March 2023, specialising in innovative engineering software solutions and with a mission to empower structural engineers to drive positive change within the construction industry through advanced technology and sustainable design practices.

CLT Toolbox was developed to automate complex structural design computations, making it easier and more cost effective for engineers to design and build with sustainable materials like timber.

ASH was engaged by CLT Toolbox Founder and CEO, Adam Jones, early in the software’s development to contribute to the glulam (GLT) buildout and provide feedback to improve integration and functionality.

Within the CLT Toolbox software, ASH’s MASSLAM range gives users the ability to design using an Australian GLT option. MASSLAM is included in multiple calculators within the software and ASH’s in-house design team will be assisting with educational content related to GLT.

MASSLAM is ASH’s range of glulam mass timber systems including columns, beams, floors and roof structures, manufactured in Heyfield, Victoria. The MASSLAM range utilises uniquely attractive Australian timbers like Victorian ash, Tasmanian Oak and Plantation Oak, chosen because they have some of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any timber species worldwide.

Founder and CEO, Adam Jones, responded to ASH’s early involvement in the software, “we approached ASH to collaborate on the CLT Toolbox because of their exceptional track record as a leading GLT supplier in Australia and their commitment to advancing the mass timber market”.

“ASH’s design team, spearheaded by the renowned timber engineer Nathan Benbow, adds tremendous value to the project through their technical expertise, ensuring that our software meets the highest global standards. Working closely with Nathan and the entire ASH team has been a rewarding experience, and we are eager to continue nurturing this long-term partnership towards our shared vision of increasing mass timber adoption in the region” noted Adam Jones.

CLT Toolbox offers a unique solution to Australian design and construction. The first release will begin with a restricted beta user program starting in April 2023, with a public release set for July 2023.

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