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ASH double laminating production

April 29th, 2016

Almost 20 years ago, a modest hardwood laminating facility was set with the task of creating stair component’s from narrow feed stock by way of glue laminating. But why would you bother you ask? Well, the available resource was transitioning from traditional older growth logs into a younger, regrowth log of smaller dimensions. This change in resource saw the Victorian ash timber industry move into a phase where 100% of the wood in use was from regrowth harvest (check out our sustainability page for particulars). This would mean transitioning into a business model using narrower feedstock than what the market (stair industry in particular) were used to.

While many predicted the end, we predicted opportunity and the modest facility begun to create 285 x 33 & 285 x 43 treads and stringers, 240 x 33 stringers and 90 x 90 posts to replace solid, wide board alternatives. They said we were mad.

Fast forward to 2016 and these products have become the norm. In fact, they are the most desired and popular hardwood stair material in Australia. Laminating boards into stair components has streamlined the efficiency of the stair industry dramatically and engineered straightness and predictability for manufacturers. The boards are dead straight, available in set length treads components and reduce approx. 1/2 of the previously required machining for the manufacturer. The colour consistency from the ASH operation combined with quarter sawn and straight line edging means that these boards look and perform better than ever!

With multiple additions and improvements to technology over the years, glue formulations were improved and efficiencies were streamlined. We operate Australia’s largest glue laminating hardwood facility and even that had reached capacity. With that being said, we are happy to announce ASH have almost completed doubling our laminating ability once gain.

This new roll out will be completed in the coming months. Allowing ASH to offer even more of the products you love. Staircase, window, door and furniture components through to bench tops, panels, shelves and more. The expansion will allow us to maintain the GOODWOOD Victorian ash mantra of suppling reliable, stable, sustainable, beautiful and AVAILABLE products.

If you have a laminated hardwood project, are a furniture maker looking to streamline your manufacturing costs, are looking for large section window components or bench tops, make contact with an ASH sales person for a completely confidential discussion. You will be pleasantly surprised. Just ask the staircase industry….Request a sample of GOODWOOD or Visit Inspirational Gallery