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Australia’s first supported housing initiative tackling family violence and homelessness furnished with GoodWood Victorian ash

June 17th, 2022

With family violence being the leading cause of homelessness for women and children in Australia, Launch Housing in partnership with Uniting developed Viv’s Place, a life-changing housing initiative tackling homelessness for families. Based in Dandenong, Viv’s Place is a new medium-high rise building designed to provide permanent housing as well as security, safety, and the opportunity to start afresh for more than 60 women and 130 children.

The building includes 60 apartments along with communal kitchen and living spaces, children’s play spaces, a community garden and on-site family and child specific services. Inspired by a highly successful model in Harlem, New York which has created supportive communities in similar apartment blocks for over 30 years, Viv’s Place is designed to have the ability to assist residents through a combination of housing and support with access to a range of education, employment, health and wellbeing, parenting, counselling, and trauma care services.

Each apartment is furnished with quality appliances, modern furnishings and GoodWood Victorian ash dining tables, coffee tables and tv stands made by Gillean Woodworking in partnership with Regenerate.

Regenerate is a not-for-profit that provides practical support to individuals and families fleeing domestic abuse and moving into emergency or long term housing. What started as a family discussion around the kitchen table brought on the realisation that something as basic as a table is often unavailable to those in need. With this being a common theme for those facing family violence, the importance of a comfortable home with quality furnishings and appliances is why Regenerate are committed to helping individuals during difficult times. Learn more about Regenerate and how they’re making a difference here.