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Cost, Health and Environmental Advantages with the Stroke of a Pen.

March 30th, 2016

“Recent changes to the building code mean that you can now build timber and timber framed Class 2, 3 and 5 buildings up to 25m quickly and cost-effectively using Prescriptive Performance (Deemed to Satisfy) solutions” says the latest flyer ‘UPdate your knowledge’ by Wood Solutions. Better still, ‘middle Australia’ is suggested to save up to 25% in building costs!

The exciting new flyer is available for download to any Wood Solutions member but for those of you who haven’t signed up, we’ve got your copy right here! It summarizes why councils are implementing their Wood First Policies, the cost/health/environmental advantages and comments from industry leaders and their thoughts.

The flyer explains that Glulam (refer to the SUPASPAN range of products) and others can be utilized in these projects now. A Glulam beam made with hardwood will not only span further than one made with softwood, it is also a great way to sequester carbon in these world class buildings.

“Architects, developers, building designers … and builders have welcomed changes to the National Construction Code” say Wood Solutions. “Which allow massive timber and lightweight timber construction of buildings up to … eight storeys in height”.

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