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Helping our Teachers Explain Forestry

August 12th, 2015

The Australian Forest Education Alliance has developed an online educational platform to help our teachers explain the forestry process. A generation of children from the 80’s were taught outdated information about the forestry industry and its role within our society, the environment and economy which in turn created confusion. The Forest Learning platform looks to educate the next generation on up-to-date science and best practice combined with our role in the international environment.

As explained online, “These educational resources provide insights into how Australian forests play a vital role in the provision of forest and wood products and environmental services for society. From how Australian forests deliver timber to produce renewable goods that many of us use on a daily basis, provide habitats for biodiversity and recreational spaces, and provide employment opportunities through active management operations that help sustain rural communities. To how forests help protect water quality through stabilising soils, and help combat global carbon emissions and air pollution through the storage of carbon in trees and wood products.

These resources have been developed by experienced educators inline with the Australian Curriculum and current pedagogical practices and supported by the members of the Australian Forest Education Alliance.”

The platform can be filtered by year level or subject.

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