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MASSLAM: Doubling Capacity, Expanding Product Line, Innovation in Timber Solutions

June 6th, 2023

Expansion completing in 2024

We are pleased to announce that ASH are doubling MASSLAM capacity in 2024. This significant expansion allows us to better serve our valued clients, meet increasing demands, and deliver exceptional timber products and services.


MASSLAM 45 - Meeting Growing Demand

We understand the importance of providing high-quality products, and we are proud to inform you that our popular MASSLAM 45 volume is increasing. This versatile and reliable product will now be more readily available, ensuring that you can rely on it for your projects.

Introducing MASSLAM 38 (Plantation Oak)

We are delighted to introduce MASSLAM 38 (Plantation Oak) to our growing range of timber solutions. This new addition offers the elegance and durability we are known for, perfectly suited for a wide range of mass timber applications. This timber is grown in managed plantations previously destined for pulp and has a pale white appearance. Volumes in Plantation Oak will increase year-on-year as these plantations reach maturity, ensuring its availability for your upcoming projects. Visit the MASSLAM page for structure properties.

Automation and Precision - Hundegger Robot MAX

We are proud to share that we are installing our 3rd robotic CNC machine, the Hundegger Robot MAX – a first for Australia. This state-of-the-art technology enables us to achieve significant increases in volume for our post and beam structures with unmatched precision, consistency, and efficiency. By continually investing in automation, we expand on our capacity to deliver top-quality products with enhanced speed and accuracy, providing you with the best possible mass timber solutions.

Block Laminator for Bigger Possibilities

As part of our commitment to innovation and meeting your growing demand, we are nearing completion of our block laminator installation. This cutting-edge technology allows us to laminate the largest mass timber posts and beams up to an impressive 900mm x 1300mm section size. With this block laminator, we empower architects and building professionals to explore grander possibilities. Reach taller and further in timber design and construction.

Expanded In-House Design Team

To keep pace with our growth and to provide exceptional service to our valued clients, we have increased the size of our in-house design team and implemented time-saving design software. Our expanded team is equipped with expertise, creativity, and dedication to delivering outstanding mass timber solutions. We are excited to take on more work and collaborate with you on your upcoming projects.

Danny Watson, Joel Minder, Nathan Benbow, Dwain Frankel, Daniel Wright, Vince Hurley. New members Aasha Linn and Jack Hill not shown.

Innovation in mass timber flooring - Advanced Timber Composites (ATC)

At ASH, we constantly strive to push the boundaries of timber technology. After rigorous research and development tests, we are excited to announce the completion of our Advanced Timber Composites (ATC) flooring system. Designed to provide unmatched strength, versatility, performance and aesthetic appeal in mass timber solutions, our ATC flooring system is now ready to be launched.


Here at ASH, we are committed to empowering architects and building professionals with innovative, sustainable, and reliable mass timber solutions. With our expanded capacity, growing product line, advanced technology, and a proven talented design team, we are well-positioned to meet your unique project requirements. Join us in shaping the future of timber architecture. Contact ASH today to explore the endless possibilities for your next masterpiece or book your MASSLAM production slot here.

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