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MASSLAM stands strong in Arup’s Rethinking Timber Buildings

May 27th, 2019

It comes at no surprise that Arup, being the leaders in today’s built environment, have published an insightful document about timber in construction.

The ‘Rethinking Timber Buildings‘ document covers seven perspectives on the use of timber in building design and construction. Covering topics like;

  • Managing carbon through timber
  • Timber densification strategies
  • Wood and well being
  • Pre-fabricated timber
  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Knowing the material (e.g. fire, acoustics, durability)
  • Innovating with wood

Arup’s document goes into detail about the many benefits of using timber in the modern built environment, but what stood out most was the timber featured on the front and back cover. Why? Because it is the perfect display of MASSLAM – ASH’s range of massive glue-laminated timber members.

The project highlighted on the cover is Arup’s Macquarie University Incubator Building, which represents education, technology and innovation. The building is celebrated by many due to its total commitment to pre-fabricated timber. The structure was built using pre-fabricated floor cassettes, supported by IRON ASH treated MASSLAM V-columns.

It makes sense for Arup to promote such a project, particularly relating to mass-timber and its recent popularity in the built environment. Mass-timber, particularly MASSLAM, is a desired method of construction due to its high strength, high appeal and cost when compared to other construction systems.

Interested in mass timber? Read more about MASSLAM here.