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NEW Lengths with ASH’s automated docking line!

November 9th, 2016

There’s something new here at ASH, that we’re excited to share with you all.

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods has introduced a new automated docking line, which will broaden our services in the market.

This new docking line means we will increase capacity in set length solids and precision docking. Available for our solid GoodWood product, the precision docking will be supplied with a tolerance of +/-0.5mm and everyone from builders to manufacturers will benefit from the reduced waste.

This opens the door for GoodWood Victorian Ash products to be sold into assembly line manufacturers who require precision length material only. The competition for us in this category is often imported. So this isn’t just a win for our wholesale customers, it’s also a win for Australia.

ASH has supplied set lengths to our supply chain for many years but lead times were restricted to the days when we graded that certain size. The new line will operate in its own right and speed up the process by weeks. Plus docked to length supply will mean the customer receives the lengths they require rather than a range of waste in off cuts. This equates to an extra 10% saving to the customer.

Convenience and correct sizing are major considerations when building or designing, and having lengths that are docked for you, saves the project time and money.

If you’d like to find out more information about our new docking line, simply email or call (03) 5139 7001.