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Talking Timber

3 minutes
May 26th, 2021

See how you can join Talking Timber, a movement promoting meaningful conversation around Victoria’s timber industry and sustainable forestry management.

What is Talking Timber?

Talking Timber is a non-government initiative that has been created to foster and promote meaningful discussions about the Victorian timber industry. This initiative aims to raise awareness to the fact that it is possible to grow our forests and preserve our biodiversity, all while reaping the benefits of timber.

Trees will always play an integral part in our efforts to reduce climate change, whilst using timber products in our everyday lives. It is important for us to understand that we can respect and appreciate the beauty of trees and timber, and that there is no need to exclude one or the other – you can choose to appreciate both.

Talking Timber intends to spread awareness on what the timber industry does to capture carbon and contribute to the establishment of new forests. This initiative hopes to secure a sustainable future for our native forests and Victoria’s timber production by improving our understanding of the industry.

How to get involved...

The growing Victorian population has resulted in increased demand for local timbers. However, with Australian resource expected to decrease, the market will rely on imported timber from unregulated and uncertified forests.

Victoria is a world leader in responsible forestry management and timber production – our native forests are protected and preserved, our timber is certified and we absorb more carbon than we let out into the atmosphere.

Talking Timber wants to involve the community with its efforts in spreading awareness, therefore Talking Timber regularly shares up-to-date information on their website to help us educate ourselves on the timber industry. “By ensuring that we feel confident with starting a meaningful discussion, we are able to engage in open conversations regarding forestry be it through social media, with friends and family or others in our industry” – Talking Timber website.

Learn more about our sustainable Victorian forests here.

To support Talking Timber, join the conversation today