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Timber is the #1 Choice According to FWPA Research

November 1st, 2016

The Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited, otherwise known as the FWPA is a non-for-profit company that provides research to the timber industry and are proud supporters of innovation and sustainable practices.

In 2016, the FWPA contracted Pollinate to conduct research into the timber industry. This study established that more than two thirds of Australians prefer wood over other building materials, which was a direct increase from other years. Timber is in such high demand as it is a sustainable, renewable option for builders, architects and home owners.

An interesting fact from their research was that over half of Australians are in the market for materials and 62% of those Australians would always/would be likely to choose wood over other materials. Why? Because timber is beautiful, has a natural appearance, strong and solid.

Australians are making more of a conscious effort to care for the environment and purchase ‘green products’.  Sustainable timber not only conveys warmth and comfort, it also evokes qualities like a timeless and natural look. An astonishingly 53% of Australians will make much/slightly greater effort to purchase green products or services.

So why is wood a green choice?
Forestry regeneration, particularly with Victorian Ash is one of the best in sustainability. Here’s how:

  • Before harvesting, all flora, fauna, silvicultural, historical and cultural aspects are surveyed, plotted and allowed for.
  • Wood production and manufacturing of timber requires little energy.
  • Victorian forests are from regrowth and are regenerated on a 80 year rotation.
  • Timber uses vastly less fossil fuel energy than steel, concrete or aluminum.
  • 100% of each log is used.

Planting more forests for sustainable timber is our best answer to achieving Australia’s carbon reduction targets. Timber is the 100% sustainable choice, compared to products like aluminium, plastic, steel and concrete – timber exceeds all expectations thus far.

With products like IRON ASH and AUS OAK Flooring, the timber industry is making it easier for consumers to incorporate this sustainable material in their projects at a higher volume.

As the largest hardwood mill in Australia, we’re excited for what’s to come.