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Why architects, builders and suppliers choose IRON ASH…

October 26th, 2016

We caught up with the team behind the stunning Wembley Golf Course to find out just why they selected IronAsh to feature in their inspired design.

The unstoppable duo included Gresley Abas Architects and Austim, and the result? Wembley Golf Course – an elegant design that thrives in its surroundings.


Gresley Abas Architects explained that ‘the desire to create a simple, elegant timber clad architectural form for the site was driven by a range of simple principles.

Some key features to why we chose IronAsh:
– It is quarter sawn, so it is more tangibly stable (less movement) than traditional timber and will perform better in the long term
– IRON ASH is available in longer lengths meaning less visible joints or laps and less construction time
– The product stains very well which allowed the selected walnut colour to easily be factory applied to achieve a uniform look
– The availability of this product was able to meet our construction lead time requirements.

The dedicated professionalism of the team we worked with and quality of the product has proven that timber should continue to be a valuable and sustainable option for architects and designers to consider for major public projects.’

The team that Gresley Abas are referring to is the hard working, skilled team at Austim – suppliers of high quality solid timber and have stocked IRON ASH since the product was launched.

Alan Parker, Architectural Manager at Austim further explained “IronAsh was the obvious choice of timber taking into consideration the design intent and the varying applications required.

Being H3 treated against decay and termites, very uniform in colour and available in long finger jointed lengths, the product met all facets of the design and construction criteria.

Austim applied our very own Elements Walnut Protector oil in the factory which helped to achieve the desired colour on the project. IronAsh accepted this coating very well which achieved a uniformed look across all the applications from the internal ceiling battens to the external cladding. ASH and Austim have an ongoing relationship, which aided the effective communication when placing orders and setting deadlines.”


Project builders at Firm Construction stated that IRON ASH is “an undeniably beautiful finished product. The colouring was consistent and the lengths were straight, true and consistent which made it easy to work with.”

IronAsh is truly the perfect material to complete the external space of any project. As it is straight line edged and easy to stain, this versatile timber is a sure choice by industry experts.