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Winners of $3000.00 Social Media prize announced!

September 2nd, 2016

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winner of our  social media competition for the first half of 2016.

The winner is Damien and Rebecca Leijer of Leyer Furniture!

Leyer Furniture received a full pack of select grade GoodWood Victorian ash – delivered free to their workshop in Torquay, Victoria. The pack of hardwood, valued at $3000.00, was awarded to Leyer after they posted stunning pictures of their bespoke furniture onto Instagram stating the timber was ‘Victorian Ash’ in the description. The details for our 6 monthly ‘social media’ competition can be seen in the image below or in any pack of GOODWOOD Victorian ash shipped across the country.

Leyer Furniture’s Bec and Damo first met in London before settling in Australia. “We started out on opposite sides of the world” They state on their website. “Via Country NSW, Torquay, London, Dublin and Melbourne we’ve settled our young family of two girls in Torquay, on the beautiful Surf Coast of Victoria, for a coastal upbringing with freedom to roam. Damien is a Carpenter and I am a Marketeer and Leÿer is the product of the pursuit of our dreams. We both love what we do. We hope our furniture brings you the same fulfillment to finishing a room in your home as it does to us in completing each piece with love and care for our customers to enjoy”.

“It was quite rewarding to deliver a free pack to an upcoming business” said Daniel Wright, ASH Marketing Manager. “I really enjoyed the process of announcing the prize in person. When I found out that Leyer was a start up, I was over the moon”

Bec’s response when Daniel contacted her with the news was very rewarding. “We are so unbelievably appreciative of you selecting us as the recipients of this prize!” said Bec. “It will help our business no end, we love the product”.

To enter our Social Media competition and for your chance to win $3000.00 worth of our products in November 2016, make sure you follow the instructions in the competition below. Remember to tag (#) VictorianAsh or SustainableHardwoods so that we can find you.

Good luck!