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Learn how to specify Australian Mass Timber and within budget.

Controlling the process from log to finished product, ASH are Australia’s largest vertically integrated timber manufacturer. ASH first began glue laminating timber products back in 1996. Since that time, the company has grown to laminate more than 100m3 per day – making ASH one of the most experienced GLT fabricators in Australia. Earlier this year, ASH extended the glue laminating lines with the completion of a ‘MASSLAM’ line. The new, state of the art, $32M Mass Timber facility is an automated, continuous production line that efficiently and cost effectively produces mass timber in Australia – for the Australian market.

Having now completed a number of mass timber projects and soon to embark on significant mass timber developments, ASH are equipped to provide you with an update on the production line capabilities, share learned experiences and teach you how to get the most of Australian Mass Timber. All while reducing costs and risks typically associated with imported mass timber.

In this one-on-one meeting with ASH’s MASSLAM specialist, you will upgrade your knowledge on Australian mass timber solutions and learn about new advancements in local production and cost efficiencies.
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Learn how to specify Australian Mass Timber and within budget.

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