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GoodWood Victorian ash Wine Cellar

George Chirnside Furniture

We can confidently say that it’s most people’s dream to have their own wine cellar. But a wine cellar made from Victorian Ash? Now that’s utmost perfection!

George Chirnside Furniture has given us this ultimate wine cellar, which we are all in awe of! This magnificent project of hardwood timber, is located in Wallington which was designed by Clair Cousins and built by Tim Peters.

The real hero though, is the creator himself, Mr George Chirnside. George Chirnside Furniture is a small family operated business located on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula.

George’s aim is to “produce beautiful enduring furniture with timeless design, that can be admired and utilised by future generations”.

The use of GoodWood Victorian ash was a stellar choice as the blonde colour emphasises the dark wine bottles. The cellar is also complimented by timber throughout the space, adding warmth to the entire room.

George further explains “the objective of the design was to use different methods of stacking bottles, for both function and aesthetic”.

The majority of the rack was sawn from 200 x 25 select grade Victorian Ash and was finished in a single pack lacquer.

For your very own hardwood timber cellar, contact George Chirnside Furniture or for more ideas, visit our GoodWood Victorian ash webpage.

Even better, order a sample of GoodWood Victorian ash today.

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