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Timber hand bags

Roosters Rook

Roosters Rook present the Victorian Ash ‘Genesis Clutch’.

Roosters Rook are a Melbourne based manufacturer of timber hand bags made from sustainably sourced wood products such as Victorian ash or Jarrah.

“When we choose the materials to create our unique Genesis Timber Clutches we look for specific qualities which allow us to produce our high end products” says Joanne from Roosters Rook. “First and foremost, the timber needs to be an Australian native, sustainably sourced material. We understand our responsibility to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty of natural timbers”.

“Secondly we look for strength and durability. The timber must last and endure the test of repetitive wear and use and still look as amazing as the day it was made.We also look for workability, noting specific attributes such as gluing properties, machining properties and ability to accept a high quality finish.Lastly the timber must simply be beautiful, with an array of natural features and character.We pair beautiful blondes and finely textured grain with metallic silver, gold and copper, embodying finesse, style and charisma”.

(GoodWood) Victorian Ash is also light weight in comparison to other Australian hardwoods and is readily available in most commercial sizes. We choose to use Victorian Ash as one of the feature timbers on our Genesis Timber Clutch because it meets all our stringent criteria resulting in a product that is beautifully crafted, beautifully engineered and beautifully finished.But the best reason for using Victorian Ash is simply because like us it is from Victoria, allowing us to identify who we are and where we’re from through our choice of materials.”

To see more of Roosters Rook work, visit their site or Instagram account here.

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