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Vic ash Timber Battens for Quadro Constructions project

Gareth Sobey
Quadro Constructions

One of Quadro Construction’s latest endeavors was to create an open and inviting space for their client -Acute Accounting. The client needed a space that represents their philosophy ‘to provide high quality, proactive and tailored accounting’.

The team at Quadro were the best for the job, having numerous years experience in the construction, architecture and project management industry. Quadro’s aim is to “focus on safety and cleanliness, which sets the tone of a construction project from the outset. This focus ensures that thoughtfulness and quality underpin everything we do”.

Taking a minimalistic approach, the team created a clean, warm and welcoming office. It doesn’t come as a surprise that their choice in timber was Victorian ash. Straight, high quality timber battens line the walls of the reception, adding shape and colour to what was a plain white brick wall.

GoodWood Victorian ash is often the preference in timber for architectural battens because it is a strong, visually appealing timber that’ll add to the linear effect of the screening. To find out more about our GoodWood range of products, click here.

Builder/Designer – Quadro Constructions

Photographer – Gareth Sobey

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