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Wingnut & Co

Wingnut & Co

Timber is one of the most versatile materials available… and the fabulous duo at Wingnut & Co prove just that!

Wingnut & Co creators Asuka and Anna create ceramic and timber products from their showroom in North Melbourne. They design incredible tableware, vases and planters that often reflect a Japanese style.

We came across this brilliant business on Instagram, where they were inspiringly using timber lids. After getting in contact, we arranged for ASH’s off cuts to be used for their lids – it was a win, win! ASH was able to make use of off cuts that would have been turned into saw dust and Wingnut & Co was able to use a durable, beautiful timber for their product.

Daniel Wright, Marketing Manager at ASH explained “It’s great to see every part of our timber used, especially on a product this good!”

Wingnut & Co are committed to maintaining a sustainable practice, ‘recycling commercially available clays, as well as sourcing and processing hand-dug clay from areas in country, Victoria. Any timber waste in their studio is burnt down to ash, which is used in their glaze recipes’.

To find out more about Wingnut & Co’s wonderful products, visit the website here.

Or if you’d like to use Victorian Ash in your products, contact us here.

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