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$2.4 Million Investment at ASH to expand Manufacturing of Plantation Timber

August 24th, 2022

The MASSLAM product range is set to expand with another investment of $2.4 million, financed by ASH with $1.2 million assistance from the Victorian Forestry Plan Innovation Fund, which aims to assist timber businesses to diversify and plan for their future. The investment will support the MASSLAM manufacturing line to produce mass timber components from plantation shining gum, otherwise known as Plantation Oak.

MASSLAM is ASH’s range of mass timber components including columns, beams, roof and flooring systems, intended for large commercial structures like the University of Tasmania’s Burnie Campus, Macquarie University Incubator, Latrobe Arts Centre and the Glenroy Community Hub. MASSLAM, has positively changed the built environment in Australia by replacing finite materials like concrete and steel with sustainable timber products in commercial buildings.

The continued growth of MASSLAM allows ASH to provide the market with another excellent mass timber option, with a different value proposition to the GoodWood Victorian ash that is currently available. The new expansion will also create an additional 12 full time jobs and further resource for other ASH product lines like engineered flooring, windows and doors, kitchen benchtops, staircase components and furniture.

Whilst this substantial investment puts ASH one step closer to offering an alternative specie, Plantation Oak is still in the development stages, with further research being conducted into using the timber across all grades and creating viable markets for each, which do not currently exist. Utilising the plantation timber for engineered timber products is just one piece of the puzzle, however the entire log must be maximised to ensure profit and that there is no waste.

ASH has, so far, invested millions into research, development, machinery, warehousing, fibre, land and people to ensure Plantation Oak can and will be used in Australian homes and buildings for future generations.

Additional investment in innovation and technology include:

  • ASH Retail Centre: stocked with a large range of ASH products for our community members to purchase direct 
  • State-of-the-art engineered flooring line: to produce 100% Australian made and manufactured engineered flooring, the only of its kind in the country 
  • A new laminating line: to improve the efficiency and output in producing laminated timber products for Australian homes 
  • Twin band saw: an innovative process that enhances the cutting pattern of logs to increase output and eliminate wae  
  • Research and development: cost efficient production of this difficult and unproven species, understanding structural, fire and acoustic performance, new systems and new markets
  • Fibre: tens of millions in feedstock (it takes more than 12 months to turn a log into a finished good for sale)

Read the official Victorian Government media statement here.