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Quarter-sawn Glacial Oak for extra stability

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December 5th, 2023
Quarter-sawn Glacial Oak for extra stability

Glacial Oak’s dimensional stability, or “movement in service”, is considered to be more stable than most Australian hardwoods. When we compare it against timber species known for their stability, such as Victorian ash or Tasmanian Oak, Glacial Oak surpasses them with improved performance.

Detailed timber characteristics for Glacial Oak can be found here under the sub-heading “Characteristics“.

Movement in Service per 1% change in moisture content:
– Radial: 0.16%
– Tangential: 0.37%

The orientation of grain structure plays a role in the dimensional stability of the board width. Quarter sawn timber (showing straight, linear grain on the face of the board) has radial grain across the widest part of the board – taking advantage of the radial ‘movement in service’.

Crown cut timber, or back sawn (showing swirly grain on the face of the board) has a mixture of tangential and radial grain across the widest part of the board.

Victorian ash and Tasmanian oak is generally supplied as quarter sawn – thus, the reputation for high stability. Whilst American Oak is typically sold as back sawn to achieve desired aesthetic appeal in the market.

Here at ASH, we take a multi-pronged approach to processing Glacial Oak – our brand of American Oak. We supply it in both back sawn and some quarter sawn to achieve different purposes.

We meet industry preferences for aesthetic appearance by suppling Glacial Oak back sawn but we go further and also supply narrower widths with a higher percentage of quarter sawn and rift sawn (such as 75×50 and 75×38).

The objective of this is to target the highly attractive grain structures that American Oak is known for in wider boards, while providing extra stability in narrower boards for use in applications such as window sash and handrails, where stability is critical.

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