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AlpineOak Panels Make Furniture Easy

Timber in a concrete and brick building creates warmth like no other – particularly when coupled with natural variation and changes in grain.

Flooring, lining and other pre-moulded timber products are often used to clad walls or floors in a room. These products are readily available and well understood. Often though, we are required to produce table tops, screens, benches and sign panels which require the joiner to outsource or custom laminate in a factory off site. Until now, that is.

ASH produce a range of specialised products under the AlpineOak banner to help fill this gap and reduce manufacture time or unnecessary outsourcing.

The attached images showcase our laminated AlpineOak panels in a range of applications as used by our friends at Timbertek.

These 600 x 26mm panels have been used to hide drainage, create a bold sign, hardwearing table tops, oak panelling and feature wall coverings.

Also available are stair treads, lining, flooring and furniture sizes all available at 5.4m long in wide boards.

AlpineOak takes a stain very well which can be used to deepen the character of grain or simply camouflage the timber into its surroundings.

Save on time by sourcing timber from the standard size range at achieve beautiful results with less effort.

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