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Project / Completed 2023

Glacial Oak throughout the Wallaby House

/ By Lurie Concepts
Fiddies Hardwax Oil ‘Clear Matt’

The Space

Explore a combination of sustainable design and luxury living in this Aussie barn-style home lined in ASH's brand of American Oak - Glacial Oak.


“Mick and Fiona’s stunning Wallaby House showcases that even large, high-end homes can incorporate simple passive design principles that harness the power of Mother Nature to improve thermal performance, reduce energy usage and lower both bills and CO2 emissions”

Wallaby House, a stunning creation by WA-based construction company Millbrook Construction, is a showcase of sustainable design principles effortlessly combined with luxurious living. Set on a remote block of land that opens up to a pristine beach, this home serves as a sanctuary for owners, Mick and Fiona, as well as their young family.

Joining forces with Lurie Concepts, a building design company specialising in bespoke environmentally-friendly homes, the design for Wallaby House captivates with it’s seamless blend of natural finishes and passive design strategies. The carefully considered home features north-facing pavilions that allow sunlight to warm the interior during winter whilst shading it from the summer heat, burnished concrete floors and grey rammed earth walls to help regulate temperature, strategically positioned windows for ventilation as well as an extensive solar array for energy efficiency.



Wallaby House serves as an example that even large, high-end homes can embrace environmentally friendly design principles without compromising on style or comfort. Together concrete floors and Glacial Oak (American Oak) timber create a captivating contrast, while also serving a functional purpose. The layout prioritises the flow of northern light, which pours into the central living wing, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Seen throughout the home is ASH’s brand of American Oak – Glacial Oak – a blonde, crown cut and easy to work hardwood, used to line the internal ceilings. Vastly available in a range of applications including lining, staircase components, solid flooring, DAR & sawn, Glacial Oak is a popular choice for its unique crown-cut grain and warm tones. Learn more about Glacial Oak here.


“Wallaby House … incorporates two north-orientated barn-like pavilions. In winter, sun streams in under the 900mm eaves striking extensive north glazing and warming up well-placed thermal mass, including burnished concrete floors and grey rammed earth walls”

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