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Project / Completed 2020

Atelier Chen Hung’s Perfect Palette using GoodWood Vic ash

/ By Atelier Chen Hung
James Hung
GTO Building

The Space

Softness, serenity and the perfect sunrise is the foundation of this beautiful Yandina design.


“Yandina Sunrise explores the relationship between the man-made and nature, drawing reference from elementary forms and ubiquitous building materials often found in agricultural buildings”

Yandina Sunrise was designed by the team at Atelier Chen Hung, an architectural practice operating out of Brisbane. Atelier Chen Hung has ‘a focus on exploring ideas, paired with a pragmatic perspective, which enables the creation of spaces that are highly refined, memorable and functional’.

The integration of the exterior and the promotion of openness were two important factors when designing this home.

It’s hard to imagine a timber better suited to a palette of concrete and pale pink terrazzo than GoodWood Victorian ash. This winning combination is found throughout the space, drawing on clean lines and simplistic furniture to complete the brief.

GoodWood Victorian ash was used for the veneers and interior joinery, which allows for material continuity and consistency.


“the main reason we used Victorian ash is because it is a light coloured Australian timber that met the BAL-19 bushfire attack level requirement for the site. Its softness and warmth works beautifully with the project palette”

James Hung has summed up what GoodWood represents – a consistent, quality range of products made from Victorian ash timber. GoodWood isn’t any old Victorian ash, it has a number of contributing factors that makes it the superior option.

Factors like the drying process, cutting pattern, internal scanning and grading all contribute to its consistent grain, beautiful colour, straightness, predictability, strength and vast availability.

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