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Project / Completed 2021

Australian Oak throughout the Yakult Visitor Centre

Vestings LED Hardwax oil PURE in Feature Grade
Yasuaki Mio (KARAPPO) / Micheal Gazzola

The Space

A fun and informative space that makes the most of bright lighting, lively colours and a warm timber flooring.

studio jigen for DrivenxDesign

“Our design methodology … sought a balance between expressing Yakult as an institution for scientific research and an educational environment that encourages curiosity for children … The result – science with charm”

Designed by Studio Jigen, the Yakult Visitor Centre in Dandenong South is a warm, welcoming space filled with pastel colours and modern graphics. Open to the public, the visitors centre is built as an informative space used to help share the research and manufacturing process of Yakult, as well as hold educational seminars promoting preventative health and wellbeing.

Originally built in 1994, the visitors centre has recently been revamped to better house a variety of educational activities such as lectures, workshops and group projects. Whilst still having a scientific feel to the space, the clever design allows for information to be presented through aesthetic visuals and immersive communication, transforming the company’s story into an interactive experience.

Concepts of the design, such as the use of a crisp white base colour, bright lighting and open spaces, are derived from the traditional elements of a laboratory. To build on from that notion, the Yakult Visitors Centre uses our feature grade Australian Oak engineered flooring with a ‘Pure’ LED wax coating – one of the lighter options in our range.

Locally grown and coated, our Australian Oak engineered flooring is beautiful and easy to use. Made from a mixture of regrowth and plantation hardwoods, the top layer of our engineered flooring uses PEFC CoC certified Australian timber, making it the natural and sustainable choice among flooring options. Explore our Australian Oak engineered flooring range here.

studio jigen for DrivenxDesign

“One of Yakult’s key objectives of the visitor centre is to promote health, and this extends to environmental health … A conscious effort was made to address this wherever possible. Natural and recyclable materials were carefully selected for the majority of the project”

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