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Calypso Stool

Beeline Design

Beeline Design is an energetic and creative bespoke furniture business ran by Adam Brislin which is based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Adam, who says he was never destined for a desk job, completed his trade under the tutelage of talented Furniture Maker John Ablett.

After years in London, Adam found himself working for a company creating high end furniture in Melbourne and dabbling in his own work in a co operative space. It was at this Co-Op surrounded by other talented timber craftsmen that Adam was given the encouragement to start his own business and Beeline Design was born.

Using only recycled or sustainably sourced Australian hardwoods, Adam works with each client to realise their vision. From design, to timber selection and customising finishes, each Beeline Design piece is crafted to last a lifetime.

Their best-selling pieces are the Calypso Stools which are a beautiful solid timber stool with a pop of colour edge band or a solid copper edge band and foot rest.

“I had always worked with local species” says Adam, “and when living in my home state of Western Australia I naturally used jarrah.”

“Vic ash was the main timber I used when arriving in Victoria. The first job I started was with a production furniture company who used Vic ash for all there products. The reason for that was it was a blonde timber which was and is still in trend, it finished and took stain well and of course availability is a big plus.”

As Adam moved onto another company as a furniture maker, he still encountered similar dealings though the difference was it was all recycled and was sourced through local demolishing companies stripping residential and industrial properties.

As a smaller business owner/furniture maker he has continued to enjoy working with Vic ash.

“I have sourced Vic ash throughout the years through different merchants/suppliers and two experiences come to light. I had a very good experience with a local component maker who provided me with some exceptional quality timber and filled the brief perfectly though price was an issue. My most recent experience with Jackaroo timber,” a distributor of GoodWood Victorian ash, “has been fantastic, the quality had been spot on, I had some components run (by ASH) which where done exceptionally and the timber was packaged and delivered with out issue. The service and turnaround time where a huge plus.”

“I am a big fan of Vic ash, it offers my business and clients a local Australian timber that looks architectural in its simplicity of grain and colour and it lends itself to being used for hand made Australian furniture.”

2015 will see the addition of some new and exciting products for Beeline Design. Hopefully you watch this space just like us at ASH.

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