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Chris Fox, Drift

/ By Architectus

Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices at 1 Bligh Street, Sydney

Chris Fox, Drift (2013), pulls from the ground plane rising gradually from the parquetry floor. The motion evident in the rolling form is indicative of the slow and shifting forms of the ocean floor which have shaped Sydney. Referencing bathymetric maps which document these underwater landscapes, the 8850 pieces of end grain Victorian Ash stack together, gathering momentum as they peak and barrel over to rejoin the ground plane. The motion of Drift reveals the transition as it morphs into a fragmented and frenetic expression of the City and it’s expansion through, and at times despite it’s own topography.

End-grain Victorian Ash blocks

Artist: Chris Fox

Project Team: Chris Fox, Edward Horne, Mark Swartz, Lucy Green, Elizabeth Macovaz, Bethany Sheehan, Shane Marshall, Alexander Fox, Juanita Schlink, Caitlin Seymour-King, Eleanor Stancombe, Samatha Lee

Client: Australian Federal Government

Design: Architectus site

Fitout: Schiavello site

Fabrication Drawings: AR-MA site

Art Consultant: Maria Sigutina

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Chris Fox, Drift