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Project / Completed 2020

Crosscut Woodworks American Oak by ASH table

Osmo Oil Matt
Crosscut Woodworks

The Space

"American Oak by ASH is flawless" - Crosscut Woodworks.


“American Oak by ASH is flawless”

In the quiet suburb of Bennetts Green is carpentry business Crosscut Woodworks. Specialising in staircases and custom furniture, this small business is at the centre of quality craftsmanship and joinery. Utilising American Oak by ASH, Crosscut Woodworks designed and built a magnificent dining table for one lucky home.

The dining table boasts the beautiful grain of American Oak by ASH, whilst incorporating a chevron pattern for the table legs – all coated in Osmo Oil’s matt.

Processed in Victoria, American Oak by ASH is graded to ‘Australian Standards’ select grade, straight line cut and defect docked. Making it incredibly time and product efficient for furniture makers like Crosscut Woodworks. Find out more about American Oak by ASH here.


“American Oak by ASH exceeded my exceptions”

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